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Adding a “lace front” the quick(ish) and (not really) dirty way. Featuring Levi because I hate this wig’s hairline with a passion.

Details in the captions, but basically I took the extra lace from a cheap eBay lace front wig (because swiss lace is waaaay expensive and I definitely don’t need it by the yard), glued it to the inside of the wig, and started stabbing tufts of extension hair through the lace. I hotglued it totally flat and just kept building. I used the same method to add the purple to my Eridan wig

Hope that helps a little! Now for a trim…


Thanos Sketch (2013)

INFINITY #1 is released this Wednesday (August 14th, 2013), and to celebrate, I thought I’d have a little fun. I’m going to give away TWO custom sketches!

ONE on Tumblr and ONE on Facebook.

You all have two chances to enter.

All you have to do, is REBLOG/REPLY to this post with a pic of yourself holding the first issue (NOT the Free Comic Book Day Issue). (I’d prefer that you use a copy you bought, rather than just a friend’s, or whilst you’re still standing in the store, but this won’t affect your chances …much.) :P  

For Tumblr posts to be eligible, tag #CheungInfinityGiveaway at the bottom of your post.

The top two entries will be selected by a small committee (me, myself, and I!). Creative entries will have a better chance of being selected, so get those thinking caps on! ;)

Closing date for entries is AUGUST 31st, 2013.Winners will be announced by September 3rd, 2013. Winning sketches will be posted when they are completed.

*** Please note that the final sketches given away will NOT have the level of detail shown above. Sorry! There will not be the option to ‘upgrade’ the sketch either. This is strictly for fun. :) ***

Comicbook afternoon straight after training with the others! :D

Picture No. 1 is our entry for Jim Cheung’s Infinity Sketch Giveaway!

(The second one is more of an accident…!)


This might be useful soon!


TUTORIAL - “SUIT UP!” How to Connect Foam Armor Costume Parts (by The Hero Tutorials)

More BillyTeddy photos from our last shoot!


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More cosplay pictures! ♥

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Okay since I’m going to be doing a Raven (Teen Titans) cosplay  I figured I would show my way of making the belt since there aren’t many out there.

Lets get started!

Alright so to make my gems I actually used some sculpting clay. I was going to try and make the resin gems but it was super expensive and I couldn’t find a mold for the size I needed.


This is Fimo oven bake clay. I got this at Michael’s for 1 dollar each. (there was some special I got them all for like $3 because I bought 6 I don’t remember) I bought about 5-6 and half or a little less is enough to make one gem. You’ll be making six. The clay is  easy to manipulate and you can use a little water to smooth it out if there are any lumps and to get the round shape you want. I bought extra so if there were any mishaps.

Now for the gold part that goes around the gems I used these


These are fasteners for the holes in bags to put your handles through but we wont be using them for that. These were the most expensive thing I bought. It was around $10.99 +tax. 

Now below here if you look in the casing you can see ones with a flat bottom and ones with a part sticking out. You’re going to be using the ones withe flat bottoms.


For the belt chain, I bought two necklace chains at Wal-mart for under $3 dollars each. Now there’s two in each loop and I guess you can pull them apart that’s up to you. I also spray painted them gold because well…I couldn’t find gold ones.


It’s not actually attached yet. You will also need a bottle of clear nail polish and a hot glue gun.

Now for the process portion. Make sure you are doing this on a flat surface. To start, I grabbed about half of the square of clay and put it in the middle of the hole. I pressed it down so it would widen out and this is when I dabbed my finger with a little water trying to smooth it to the shape I needed. After you’re done making it pop it out gently from the bottom and repeat it 5 more times and make a couple of extra.

Next, per-heat your over to the temperature instructed on the packaging and leave them in for said time. (for Fimo its 20 mins) You can use a regular baking tray. When they come out they will have a matte texture to them. To make them shine like actual gems use two coats of clear nail polish.


Next you can start putting your gems back into the holes. I used hot glue so if I messed up they would be easier to pop out. Glue it along the back side like so


And TA-DA you’re done making your gems!


As for connecting them to the chain I’m going to hot glue them to the chain, My back up plain is to get a wooden backing glue that do the gem so I can drill holes in the wood and tie it to the chain.

Cost total: $20-$25

Time: 2-3 hours

Good luck everyone! Feel free to message me with any questions!